GPS navigation


Arag Navigator LT GPS navigation.

Navigator LT receives free Egnos signal which gives the GPS precision of 25-30 cm which is enough for spraying and fertilization. The unit can remember many fields and the user can always use the same AB line which he previously made. Navigation forms are straight AB, curved AB, curved and free navigation. This device also has the ability to measure surface. Also the unit can color all swaths so the user can see which swath is overlapped and which is not. One more feature is point marking. Navigator LT can store a large number of points of interests like places where the sprayer had to refill water. This unit comes with a small patch antenna which is mounted on the roof of the tractor. In the package is also power cable and instruction manual. For all our buyers there is a free training for use of the device.

Our buyers: Danijel Samoila, Seleuš; Vojislava Mrkšić-Josić Novi Itebej

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