Pneumatic seed drill



Pneumatic seed-drill, hydraulic folding frame for transport, into three sections to copy the field. With harrow tines (or discs), large capacity volumetric distributor, track eradicators spring, sowing manual override, lights kit and hydraulic markers. Seed-drill in three rows with depth control at the central body, it’s possible to put three different types of GIL arms (curved, straight and boot share). Distance between arms of 12.5 cm (except in AIRSEM-6040 and AIRSEM-7046). In models Airsem-4F arms are distributed in 4 rows, for work in higher accumulations of waste. Optionally can be mounted with flotation frame.

Technical specification:

AIRSEM-4032-E4,00 m2,5 m12.5 cm2000 lit1180 kg
AIRSEM-40324,00 m 2,5 m12.5 cm2000 lit1232 kg
AIRSEM-4F-40324,00 m2,5 m12,5 cm2000 lit1300 kg
AIRSEM-50325,00 m2,5 m16,0 cm2000 lit1400 kg
AIRSEM-50405,00 m2,5 m12,5 cm2000 lit1450 kg
AIRSEM-4F-50405,00 m2,5 m12,5 cm2000 lit1550 kg
AIRSEM-60406,00 m2,5 m15,0 cm2000 lit1600 kg
AIRSEM-60486,00 m2,5 m12,5 cm2000 lit1690 kg
AIRSEM-4F-60486,00 m2,5 m12,5 cm2000 lit1800 kg
AIRSEM-70467,00 m3,0 m15,0 cm2000 lit2000 kg
AIRSEM-80648,00 m3,0 m12,5 cm2700 lit2200 kg



Buyers of this machine:

  • Filurović Milorad, Bukovča – GIL Airsem 4m

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