Valves for crop and orchard sprayers


Main valve

Connects to boom section valves. T5 connection. Capacity 150 lit/min.

Mechanical boom section valve 5

Has built in bypass valves. 5 sections.

Main electric valve

Used for switching sprayer boom ON/OFF. Can be fitted to any sprayer.

Switch box

Connects to main electric valve. Can be equipped with more then 1 switch.

Main valve + pressure

Can be used for switching whole sprayer ON/OFF and pressure regulation from tractor cabine.

Electric boom section valve

Has built in bypass valve. 5 sections.

Switch box 5 switches

Used for connection to electric boom section valves.

Boom section valve

Without bypass.

Boom section valve

With bypass.

Electric pressure valve

Regulates pressure from cabine.

Manometer in cab

0-25 bar with 6m hose.

Electric valve for orchard sprayers

Two valves, one for each side. Hand pressure regulation.

Brochure with all Arag boom valves:

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