Mounted Sumo Trio

The Mounted Trio has gained the reputation as the UK’s number 1 one-pass stubble cultivator. As the name suggests, the Trio comprises of three parts, each of these finely tuned to create a seedbed from stubble in one pass, an objective achieved by the vast majority of users.

Initial cultivations, to a depth of 400mm, is by shearpin-protected or auto-reset ultra-low draught subsoiler legs with carbide-tipped Concord quick-change points mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy-duty toolbar with a 350mm forward stagger.

These are followed by a double row of 500mm diameter concave cultivating and mixing discs mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms in a dedicated frame, the finished seedbed created by a patented Multipacka: a 509 x 10mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs provides a total diameter of 760mm. Tried and tested ring shoulders have a convex shape next to the barrel, creating consolidation and cracking even on top of the ridge.

Technical specification:

Trio 2.5 S/P2,4 m2,55 m52468 kg500 mmRIGID120-190
Trio 2,5 A/R2,4 m2,55 m52515 kg500 mmRIGID120-190
Trio 3 S/P2,9 m3,0 m62795 kg500 mmRIGID140-280
Trio 3 A/R2,9 m3,0 m62855 kg500 mmRIGID140-280
Trio 3,5 A/R3,4 m3,5 m63070 kg587 mm RIGID180-300
S/P - share point

A/R - auto reset



Buyers of this machine:

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  • Trio 3m S/P ZZ Bratstvo i Jedinstvo, Novi Itebej

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