Sprayer rate controllers


Bravo 180S

Bravo 180S is the smallest computer belonging to our Arag Precision Farming range but still offering high performances. A compact and cost-effective tool but extraordinarily efficient and precise to meet all requirements of small-medium farming machine operators.

Bravo 400S

Designed to feature the accuracy required by the Seletron technology,Bravo 400S can now be adjusted to suit all field applications, if matched to the proper electronic control, sensors,actuators and accessories. It can be used as navigator and as computer for the management of all crop spraying machine settings.


 Application-specific software: crop sprayer, orchard sprayer and multi-row sprayer Tank level indication (option level sensor) 

Automatic tank profile calibration through line flowmeter. Parameters can be exported via USB 

Automatic adjustment through flow rate or pressure reading (by flowmeter or pressure sensor) 

Automatic stop below minimum set pressure, to ensure nozzles always work within their service range.

 Automatic shut-off of main valve below minimum work speed set by user. 10 job configurations can be stored (spray rate, nozzles, etc.) and recalled when necessary 

Visual and sound alarms 

Temporary increase and decrease of liquid output 

Multi-language software, various units of measurement can be set (l/ha, GPA, GPK, l/100m, etc.) 

Information displayed: Application Rate, Speed, Pressure, Flow rate, Sprayed quantity, Tank level, Area covered, Spraying duration, Distance covered

1* Function access is straightforward and does not hinder the view of important driving information.
2* By marking the perimeter it is possible to calculate the area and to graphically divide the inside (green) from the outside (brown) of the field.
3* The overall view of the field allows user to display the general status of the operation and to zoom in a particular area.
4* Available modes: parallel, curved, pivot and free
5* The memory management function allows to back up all data and settings of the monitor, and to export the reports of the jobs in KML and Shape format.
6* Connecting to an Arag computer allows to exchange data and to manage the automatic boom sections shut off and the variable application rate.
  • It can be used as crop spraying computer or as navigator
  • Automatic shut-off with management of each individual nozzle
  • Automatic selection of appropriate nozzle while driving
  • High-resolution 5.7″ TFT display
  • 2 USB ports and an SD card reader for data transfer and software updates
  • 2 camera inputs
  • Input for external main valve control
  • 2 GB internal memory to store jobs, maps, tools, tractors, etc.

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