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Agrimaster – shredders

Agrimaster is an Italian company specialized in production of shredders, lawn mowers, bush cutters. They produce classical shredders for maize, sunflower but also shredders with lateral displacement and also bush cutters with hydraulic arm.

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KP shredder


Designed to eliminate grassy and woody residues of medium size, KP shredders are extremely reliable machines, capable of superlative performance. Especially suitable for clearing orchards and underbrush,they are likewise able to provide effective action for environmental protection and restoration.


FA shredder with hydraulic lateral displacement


Shredders with hydraulic lateral displacement ideal for cutting grass and medium-size wood, for clearing underbrush, road verges, ditches and hedges. Versatile and highly manoeuvrable in all working conditions.


Shark R bush cutter with hydraulic arm


Bush cutters with hydraulic arm fitted with automatic hydraulic return to safeguard against knocks. Suitable for clearing ditches, verges, river banks and for the maintenance of public parks and private gardens.




Compact, robust design. Suitable for cutting tree trunks and logs of large dimensions (up to 25 cm in diameter for AWP and up to 25÷30 cm in diameter for AWPS), preparing ground for reforesting and destroying the left-overs from pruning. The new rotor design, which has been patented, results in a very low power absorption.


XB light shredder

Light shredders, suitable for low-potency small tractors, ideal for parks , gardens, sport courses, public green areas and for vineyards cleaning.


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