Mechanical seed drils



GIL mechanical seed drill – model SD Multisem

SD model seed drills have two metal discs. One is slightly in front of the other so the one in front can clean the other one. This seed drill has double toothed distributors, one for small seeds and other for larger. Discs on the seed drill have very large pressure on the ground so they can keep equal seed depth no meter of the terrain. This seed drill is very precise with speed variator in oil bath, so it can seed very small seeds in small quantities. The seed drill is equipped with track eradicators and scrapers, large capacity hopper and telescopic fall tubes. 

Technical specification:

SD-23-M3.0 m3.18 m880 lit650 x 16650 kg
SD-27-M3.5 m3.80 m1045 lit850 x 12765 kg
SD-31-M4.0 m4.30 m1210 lit850 x 12885 kg



Buyers of this machine:

  • Ervin Hodi, Nova Crnja – GIL SD Multisem 4m
  • Boško Dobranić, Rusko Selo – GIL SD Multisem 3m
  • Kutalek Mihal, Padina – GIL SD Multisem 3.5m

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