Sumo – cultivators, subsoilers, seed drills


Sumo UK is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative machinery for the different farming systems employed across the world. They produce heavy cultivators, subsoilers, direct drill seeders and strip till seeders. Machines from Sumo are very strong and reliable. They are built for work on the heaviest soils. Sumo is one of the few factories that produces almost everything by themselves. They do not buy tubes and weld them on to the frame, they built their own frame by bending thick steel plates. Also Sumo cultivators and subsoilers have something that no other machines have, and that is their patented multipacka, a 509 x 10mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs provides a total diameter of 760mm.

After their big success with cultivators and subsoilers they begun to produce seed dirlls. In a very short time their seed drill production increased significantly. Today they produce direct drills and also strip till drills.

In Serbia Sumo sold machines like mounter Trio, trailed Trio with front discs and mounted subsoilers.

  • Mounted Trio – more
  • Trailed Trio – more
  • Quatro – more
  • Subsoiler – more
  • Direct Drill seeder – more
  • Strip till – more

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